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Press / articles about our research

Five Questions with Mor Nitzan / Nature Biotechnology

Looking for Lost Layers of Information / Azrieli Foundation

מפטריות ועד למידת מכונה: פרסי קריל 2024 / מכון דוידסון

Funding and support

ERC Starting Grant

Early Career Faculty Fellowship, the Azrieli Foundation

Alon Fellowship

Google Research Scholar Program

Samson - Prime Minister's Researcher Recruitment Prize

Israel Science Foundation Grant

Data Science Grant by the Council for Higher Education








I am also grateful for recent past support:



I co-founded, together with Paz Beniamini and Amir Weissbein, a university-supported program, A Taste of Science at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. As part of the program, PhD students working in different fields give talks about their research area and science in general to high school students across Israel. The program started running in October 2014, and it currently has dozens of PhD volunteers specializing in various fields including computer science, physics, linguistics, psychology, neuroscience, medicine, history and archeology. 

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