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We are interested in how local changes, responses and interactions between cells lead to global coordinated effects such as multicellular self-organization, how can we use these insights to design optimal cellular interactions, and how can we infer such interactions, correlations and geometric structure in single cell data to reveal the biological processes and contexts that cellular populations are driven by. 


More broadly, we are interested in studying the emergence of complex behavior out of the interactions of simple dynamic units in biological systems. In the past we have focused on genes and their products that interact via different types of regulations to form regulatory networks underlying cellular function. We are now focusing on interacting cells that form tissues and the ways by which these interactions determine the global state of the functioning (or dysfunctioning) tissue.


Revealing latent structure in single cell data, and embeddings for biological data

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Inference of network structure and dynamical systems embedding

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Network/graph statistics and information flow

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